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Complications of Anaemia

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Complications of Anaemia
Anaemia is one of the most significant public health problems especially among children in the world. It is about the most common blood disorder affecting almost one-third of the world's population; women, young children and people with chronic disease are at greater risk of developing anaemiaTherefore, an indebt knowledge and/ or understanding of the complications and risk factors of anaemia will give us more insight to its nature and ways that can better be adopted to fight it.

Complications of anaemia arises as a result of decrease in blood oxygen levels. Consequently, Shock, hypotension and/ or coronary and pulmonary insufficiency can occur. This is more common with the elderly with underlying cardiovascular disease. Some of the most common Complications of anaemia are:

Tiredness: anaemia can leave someone tired, Weak and lethargic. The person will be less productive and inactive in his/ her daily routine such as work. The ability to focus is reduced and may not be able to exercise.

Pregnancy: pregnant women with severe anaemia have a higher risk of developing anaemic Complications, mostly during and after childbirth. The babies may likely be born Premature (before 37 weeks of pregnancy), the babies may likely be born with remarkably low birth weight, and may be mentally less active.

Weakness of The Immune System: research has shown that, iron deficient anaemia may have a profound negative effect on someone's immune system. Thereby making one susceptible to Infections and illnesses. The immune system is the body's defense system or mechanism which helps the body to protect itself from diseases and disease causing organisms such as bacteria, virus, protozoa, etc.

Stroke: if haemoglobin levels in the body are low, or there is a defect in the structure of the haemoglobin, it can damage the walls of the red blood cells (RBCs). This can consequently results in narrowing or even blockages in some vessel of the brain which may eventually lead to serious life threatening conditions such are stroke, paralysis or even death.

Severe Bleeding: most anaemic patients if not all have a tendency of bleeding profusely. If the bleeding is severe and occur spontaneously out of control, either internally or externally as a result of accident or spontaneously (i.e. spontaneous bleeding), death might result.

Some persons with anaemia may have arrhythmia, which is a medical condition that have to do with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat. Overtime, it can damage the heart and possibly lead to heart failure.

Anaemia can also change some organs and/ or tissues of the body. since the blood can't get enough oxygen to these organs and tissues, they suffocate and tend to adjust their functions, sizes and need for oxygen to this low levels of oxygen supply, thereby are changed themselves either temporarily or permanently.

Anaemia can severely cause weakness to persons living with HIVAIDS and cancer patients, thereby making their treatments not effective as should have.

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