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Silence is a Virtue

Don't be in a hurry to speak...!
Silence is a Virtue
Silence is the act of refraining from speaking. It is the ability to resist any form of verbal communication. This my friend is virtue, it is golden. Silence is one of the greatest and potent power mankind possess, but harnessing this power is the real problem.

If Only you can Harness it...!

There are some battles in life that only demand your silence to secure your victory. The best answer to a fool they say is silence, and in life, there are lots of fools around and instead of maintaining your silence around these folks to secure your victories you tend to speak more often than not and by so doing you loose part of you, Your virtue. Learn to be silent, for silence never really hurt othersThe beauty of silence also makes idiots seem wise or noble for  a minute.

Martin Luther King, Jr once said, “In The End, We Will Remember Not The Words Of Our Enemies, But The Silence Of Our Friends.” You want to be remembered, you want your name to be written in the sands of time; learn to be silent.

Apostle Paul said, "learn to be quiet" (1Th 4:11). This he admonished us, because he understands that only in an undisturbed water can we truly see our own (complete) reflection or image. Silence is virtue, it wills an unimaginable power. The potency of the force it carries cannot be overemphasized. It carries with it an overwhelming grace.

"Learn to be quiet", the Apostle knew that, only in silence can we as humans get to really meet ourselves. Only in moments such as this, do we get to really connect with the innate strength the creator have put in our soul.

Many of us go through life without really meeting with ourselves. We often get distracted by the boisterous nature of our society, the hustle and bustle of life, the noise, the constant quest to meet our needs. All these further keep us from meeting our true self.

The bible said, "Jacob sent his family across so he could be quiet and alone with God" (Gen 32:27). That same night God appeared to him, he got to really meet with himself and know what next to do... It is important we understand that silence have the power to give us a new outlook in life.

Many of us don't know what next to do, we are lost in life, drowning in the sea of life, since life have assumed the boisterous nature of the sea, we are constantly being swallowed up.
If only we could learn to be quiet, and harness the glory in silence, we would not only meet with our real self but we shall also find our way... the way shall be clearer.

Every beauty nature unveils have a glorious silence embedded in it, the twinkling stars, the rising and setting of the sun indicate beauty, but look carefully you will notice the beauty of silence. Everyday we depict a mountain of feelings without uttering a single word. That’s also the beauty of silence.

There is virtue in silence, for;

  • It is only in silence will a lost soul find the need for redemption,
  • It was in silence God first enters the history of humanity (Lk 1:28-36),
  • It is only in silence would you truly appreciate the sweet zephyr around,
  • It is only in silence will life changing thoughts pass through your mind,
  • It is only in silence will you truly grasp life transforming and thought provoking realities that enters your spirit.
Silence allow us to enjoy nature and to connect with/ and experience God. This experience is rare but miraculous for those who find it. Silence is a virtue, it is golden they say, learn to be silent and grow higher in life.

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