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Anthony Joshua Finished Alexander Povetkin to Maintain Status as World's Leading Heavyweight Boxer
Anthony Joshua Vs Alexander Povetkin
It will forever be remembered, not only in this age but also that which is to come as Anthony Joshua finished Alexander Povetkin in a dramatic seventh round to maintain his three world heavyweight  boxing titles.

It was yet another fight of the century as the two heavyweight get down to business and oh mine, what a night at the national football stadium Wembley.

Anthony Joshua has yet made history again, he is as constant as the northern star and will remain relevant in the heavyweight for many years to come. Still unbeatable, twenty two fights, 22 victories.

Having  received hot rocks from the Russian’s which left his nose broken and bloodied at the end of the first round, Joshua now alert and awaken to the dangers of the older and more experienced challenger.
Anthony Joshua
However, after taking Povetkin’s best shots, his left hook straight right-hand combination twice buckled Povetkin and sent him to the canvas. The Russian climbed groggily to his feet, but Joshua took him to task once more, crumpling him like clothes falling into a suitcase for a second time says Gareth A Davies, boxing correspondent for The Telegraph who was live at the WEMBLEY STADIUM.

As predicted, Povetkin was always going to be dangerous but Joshua grew in confidence and finished in style. Heavyweight boxing is about knockouts and he was brutal in delivering it.

Joshua, in his display showcased poise, intellect and power, sending a message to the heavyweight division that the champion will take some stopping.
Anthony Joshua
According to Gareth, Joshua had emerged into the stadium in that white robe, aping Muhammad Ali, looking so relaxed. He raised a white-gloved hand to friends and family sitting ringside, shadowboxed his way to the ring on a hydraulic lift, the biggest commercial commodity in the sport. The big roar went up. Spumes of fire exploded around him but this is now a familiar walk down Wembley way, soundtracked to the chant of ‘O, Anthon-eeee Joshu-ua’.

According to BBC, Joshua, who had been suffering from flu during his preparations and had a problem with his right hand before the fight, paid tribute to his opponent.

"Povetkin is a very tough challenger, he proved that with good left hooks and counter punches," he said.

"I came in here to have fun, and give it my best. I knew he was strong to the head but weak to the body. I was just mixing it up.
Anthony Joshua Entering The Ring
"It could have been seven, maybe nine, maybe 12 rounds to get him out of there, but the ultimate aim was to be victorious.

Afterwards Joshua identified his ideal next three fights. “In order, I’d like Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury and then Dillian Whyte,” said the 28-year-old, who retained his WBO, WBA and IBF world heavyweight titles.

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