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Death is Better than Life

(The Words of the Angry Scape Goat...!)
I am banished into the wilderness and laid on me are 
the guilts and blames of man's iniquity.
Too heavy it has become on me
ever since that cruel priest 
Layed his filty hands on me.
Confessing the transgressions 
I never committed.

Begging for mercies on matters 
I know nothing about
"Take him for our sake" he says,
Sober in his countenance, believing that;
Through my misfortune, he is made holy and just...
This is injustice!

For Three long years have I served my master
Produced a great number of my kinds, 
milked into vessels
and drank desperately like a thirsty peasants.

But today,
Without a word, I am brought up
to bear the shame of anothers guilt and iniquity.
Banished into the endless horizon of 
Lonely wilderness,
I seek for Death: a hopeful ease to my misery.

But in paradox, even the wild and deadly beast
flee into their dens
when I am seen even from afar,
no one dares to take my life
lest they share in my presume guilt and bear the course.

Oh, what a LIFE
I am become DEAD!
while yet alife. 
Please take my life and let me live!

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