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I Found It...!
I Found It (Erik's Creation)
Lost in the wilderness in hunt for Hope, Life, Relevance, Acceptance and more importantly for Truth. All through, I was surrounded by darkness, comforted only by the company of my shadow, suddenly it occurred to me; that by the sight of my shadow, there is hope of light stream somewhere closeby. Consciously I walked towards the source of light which have cast my shadow backward now. The stream of light seemed to come from afar, from afar...! Oh no, "that is the sun". It was the sun casting my shadow all along.

Where was I? Why was it that dark? Was I in a cave? How deep have I gone? How lost was I? Now I find myself crawling, walking  and climbing towards a light (sun) that's unreachable, however, after crawling and climbing for God knows how long, I raised my head and eyes towards the light of the sun, but too bright was it to behold, and yet after all these escapades, I still could not find that hidden truth.

Yes, it's clear now, It was the truth I have been searching for. How long have I been searching? Now maybe I thought, the depth of the sea will bring answers of truth or maybe, just maybe the heights of the mountains will bring a taller gaze into the subject of truth but wrong again I was, then again a till into the debt of the earth brought me to naught but rocks, water and stones, still not even a grain of my desire was found.

So my quest went on, compounding my strives, my wars but still to no avail. Truth was not found. Days passed, weeks became months, months became years, years became decades, decades became centuries and centuries became millennia, yet again truth was never found. So the search went on from generations to generations and no one who knew was alive. The Secret, the Truth gradually became a legend as legend became myth.

How long have I lived? Have the search for the Truth given me longevity? Have my existence been prolonged by this quest for the Truth? But while I had yet given up, creeping and panting towards a lake which at this point could taste better than that Truth! to my astonishment, I was searching for a treasure I had no knowledge of, what does it look like? This Secret, This Truth. Should I behold it, would I know it? Is it a beast or a plant? A man or a thing that never had been?

Still waiting for answers, I found a stone carved into a deliberate shape, in a manner often done by men with an encryption, a language spoken by a people dwelling in the city of the unknown. It appears familiar, could this be it? Oh! yes, yes, yes...!

I found it...!
I found it! 
This Secret...!

Hidden from men, hidden and codedly enshrined in the pages of books only to be decoded and absorbed by those who can decern the strange symbols of wisdom. Amongst a million generations which passed like the current of the sea, only one man have the wisdom of deep insight to understand The Symbol.

Currently, there are lots of Information, Wisdom, Knowledge and Secrets hidden in the pages of books, and only few have seen it...!

In The Future, I am hoping many shall seek to know This Secret on time, since Knowledge is like symbols;  much of it are encoded in books. The wise, the inquisitive and fertile minds eat them like food and drink them like wine. Then and only then shall they say;

"I Found It"

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