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Presidential Candidate Stabbed
Brazil's Presidential Candidate Stabbed (AFP)
The leading Brazil's presidential candidate, Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed earlier on thursday during a rally for the presidential race that is to be held weeks ahead. Bolsonaro, who is popularly known as "The Brazilian Trump," was being carried on the shoulders of his supporters in Juiz de Fora, a city in the southern state of Minas Gerais when he was attacked by an assailant, according to the authorities.

According to local media, he has long been transferred to the Albert Einstein Israelite hospital in Sao Paulo for further treatment.

After the attack, his son Flavio tweeted: "Unfortunately it was more serious than we had expected. He lost a lot of blood, arrived at the hospital with a [blood] pressure of 10/3, almost dead. His condition now seems stabilised. Pray, please!"

His doctor, Dr Luiz Henrique Borsato, who operated on him said he suffers 'grave internal wounds' from the stabbing and could take at least two months to recover. "His internal wounds were grave and put the patient's life at risk," Borsato said.

However, after the operation, Bolsonaro tweeted Friday 7th September from his hospital bed "I'm fine and recovering!"

The attacker was arrested immediately. He was identified as Adelio Bispo de Oliveira, 40, who said he was "carrying out a divine mission, a mission from God", according to Luis Boundens, head of a union of federal police officers.

Oliveira was affiliated with the left wing Socialism and Liberty Party from 2007 to 2014, the party said in a written statement, in which it repudiated the violence and distant itself from it. The deny any knowledge of the attack.

Authorities are investigating the incident and wondering what could have promulgated the assailant. The victim and controversial politician, who has outraged many in Brazil with racist and homophobic comments, has performed strongly in recent opinion polls.
Brazil's Presidential Candidate (AFP)
Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right candidate in Brazil's October 7 presidential election seems to have done excellently in recent polls. The polls suggest that he will get the most votes in the first round of the October presidential elections if former President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva remains banned from contesting, but he is unlikely to win a run-off. The left-wing Lula had been the long-standing favourite but he is currently in prison , appealing against a ban on his candidacy that was imposed after his conviction for corruption.

However, President Michel Temer has quickly condemned the attack and instructed his Minister of Security Raul Jungmann to reinforce security for candidates and conduct “a rigorous investigation,” according to sources. President Temper said, "It is intolerable to see that in a democratic state it is not possible to have a normal campaign."

Mr Bolsonaro's electoral rivals, Fernando Haddad have all condemned the stabbing. Fernando who is expected to replace Lula on the Workers' Party ticket, said the attack was "absurd and regrettable."

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