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The Transformation That Comes from The Inside
The Transformation from Inside
The changes and transformations we go through as individuals come from the inside, from the deepest part of our lives, from our hearts.

Most times such transformations start with a thought, with an energy, with our mood and if we pay closer attention to it, it might just lead to a more beautiful transformation that may benefit us, change our lives for good, benefit our love ones and our society at large.

An egg they say when it's broken with force from the outside, a life ends. If an egg breaks by itself from inside, a life begins. ALL TRANSFORMATIONS BEGINS FROM INSIDE...!

There are times life changing transformations may be initiated from the outside. Don't get me wrong, not all transformations from the outside are life changing, most are disastrous. But the transformations which are borne out of inspiration could be life changing. You are inspired by someone's speech, work, life, etc, and got motivated in the event to do something formidable. If you hold true to this, it might just be one of those transformations initiated from the outside that are life changing.

Just to be fair, some transformations from the inside could also be negative. Those borne out of fear of the unknown, loneliness, rejection, depression anxiety, anger, etc. Such shouldn't be held unto, for they could be bad. However, even in these circumstances, life changing transformations could emerge if they are directed at changing the present condition.

In essence, we as individuals control the sort of transformations we go through. They all starts from the inside, whether it is initiated from outside or inside, it's bearing is from the inside. Therefore give a deep thought consideration to your every transformation and guide your thoughts.

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