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How to Think Creatively
How to Think Creatively
Creativity is an crowning quality possessed by mankind, however, it appears only few persons are endowned with this ability. Are we born on separate divide of this gift? Are some creative and other not? How else can we explain the creativeness of some, when others have nothing to contribute?

While some may argue this to be true, others argue that creativity can be learned and improve upon. We can learn to do things differently, we can learn to be creative. Creativity is inherent in each of us waiting to be explored. Here are 19 essential creative tips.

1. Find new ways of doing things.

2. Believe it can be done and you’ll find a way; nothing is impossible.

3. Welcome new ideas; be receptive, Keep an Open Mind.

4. Soak up good ideas.

5. Ask yourself How can I do it better?

6. Your mind has an endless memory capacity, use it...!

7. Do what you do better, and do more of what you do.

8. If you want something done, give it to a busy man or woman. Busy people do things decisively and quickly. (They don’t have time not to).

9. Encourage others to talk. This way, you receive new information.

10. Test your ideas by saying, What will make this work?

11. Test and Experiment.

12. Listen, concentrate, and emulate what other people are saying.

13. Exercise can Improve Your Creativity.

14. Expose yourself to intelligent ideas of others.

15. Don’t let ideas escape: write them down.

16. Present your ideas in writing. They will have more power.

17. Mix with people of different occupational and social interests.

18. Do it...!

19. Have Patience and Resilience.

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