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It Was Good for Me...!

I do not know if you feel the same way, there are times I feel I have come to the end of the road, there are times I feel it's all over for me, and there were times I felt like am all alone in this world.

It wasn't an easy ride, I had to go through life all by myself. I tried all I could, but life always find a way to knock me down, all my efforts in life end at naught.

There wasn't any help from anywhere. I lived in constant need, travailing through life as though I never counted, I never mattered. I tried... truly I tried all I could possibly try, but it seems that was it for me, and I thought it was over.

But on that faithful day, I was at the brink of my existence, at the precipice of my miserable life, when I had already given up, then I meet the Beginning.
Bishop T. D. Jakes
The real Beginning: God. God told me "it's not over, sorry it hadn't been easy, sorry you had to go through the fire, water and trials. It was necessary, as a gold I had to refine you, it is just imperative that you go through the furnace. It was for your sake".

Whoever that speaks when God have not spoken is a late comer and a liar. Who is that man that commanded and it comes to pass when God has not spoken.

The promises of God in your life shall surely come to pass. I don't know if you feel the way I felt, if you feel the same way. The world is closing in on you, just hold on for you are at the edge of your breakthrough.
Bishop T. D. Jakes
According to the Preacher, Bishop T. D. Jakes, it was good for me that I was afflicted, it was good for me that I got in trouble, it was good for me that you didn't help me, it was good for me that I had to go by myself, it was good for me that God put me in a position that I had to call on Him in a way that I never had to call on Him before. Some of you that have been going through... all hell breaking loose in your life, God is just setting you on fire so that you can become a prayer warrior for his glory.

Just hold on, powers are changing hands, your beginning is at hand...! For your troubles, you shall have double.

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