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The Power of Auto Suggestion
The Power of Auto Suggestion
Whether you realize it or not, you have probably been using auto suggestion techniques your whole life.  If you have ever told yourself to wake up at a certain time, “relax,”  “sleep,”  “concentrate,” “smile,” “breathe,” or whatever you have told yourself not to get angry at someone or something, you have used auto suggestions.

In truth, auto suggestion is the simplest and arguably, the most powerful of mind programming tools. It is one of those simple mind power techniques  that is easy, always accessible, can be done anywhere any time (even while driving) and requires no special skill or training. We do it naturally.

The problem is that most people use auto suggestion UNCONSCIOUSLY,  and often in a way that holds them back from accomplishing what they want.  For example, people talk about being “sick and tired” of this or that. Then, they wonder why they feel low and lethargic. Or they kvetch every now and then that their boss is a pain in the "ass", and then they begin to have problems with their lower back. They fail to realize that mind power techniques, used unconsciously also have consequences.

When are we going to wake up as a society and realize how powerful we are? That our thoughts are creative and the words we give them result in actions that can affect our lives;  and the rest of the world… When are we going to stop blaming others for our circumstances and start using the power of our minds to manifest the outcomes we want?

How about right now?

Auto suggestion techniques can be used to improve performance at work, to combat anxiety while driving, in sport, in meditation, in business, in career, dance, even in bed. It can boost your confidence, help you relax, improve concentration, energy and help you sleep. Used negatively, or in ignorance, it can do the opposite as well. And it does.

Napoleon Hill, for the second time in one of his books emphasizes, the crucial importance of having clearly defined written goals that are repeated, preferably out-loud to oneself throughout the day.

Now he goes further and states that it is very important to affirm one's goals and ideals at some quiet time, such as just before falling asleep. He may have been unfamiliar with meditation techniques or may have been reluctant to encourage their use in a time when such things were seen as a part of eastern mysticism and as being out-of-sync with his obvious Christian beliefs.
Auto Suggestion
Here is why the quiet time is ideal for auto suggestion or affirmation. When you intentionally think about, repeat and affirm your ideals, you are planting the seeds that will grow to bear fruit. When your mind is busy with all kinds of distracting thoughts, or worse, non-contributory or negative thoughts, you are planting your seeds amongst an abundance of weeds. When your mind is still and focused, you are, in effect, preparing fresh and fertile, weed-free, ground in which to plant your thought seeds.

In addition to preparing the ideal mental ground to plant your thought seeds, meditation also stills your mind so that intuition can be accessed, insight can be attained and your connectivity to the absolute can be ascertained. Since all creativity springs from the potentiality of the infinite and absolute, it only makes practical sense to become as intimate with the infinite as you can manage.

Meditation is the well-worn and proven method of achieving this intimacy. Repeated affirmation of ideals and goals is highly effective. It is even more effective when done in a meditative state.

It is even more effective when you use insight, obtained through meditation and contemplation of self, to come to know and consciously choose which core beliefs you will hold, discard or take on. You are fortunate beyond measure in comparison to those who lived when Hill originally wrote Think and Grow Rich.

Not only is the ignorance of and prejudice against meditation almost gone from the educated people of today, there are now several advanced techniques enabled by scientific understanding and application of brainwave states and their relationship to mental activity.

We have all been, in a sense, brainwashed by our parents, our teachers and our societal groupthink to hold certain expectations and certain beliefs. Choosing to enact what Hill calls autosuggestion and affirmation is choosing to do your own intentional brainwashing (or what Leary, Bateson, Lilly and others have called 'meta-programming your own bio-computer') in order to program yourself for success.

Hill proposed writing down your ideals and goals on 3x5 cards and carrying them with you. I support this. There is something magical in writing (not typing). Today, however, you can also record your goals, ideals and affirmations into MP3 files and listen to them while driving, walking or standing in line at the bank to deposit your developing wealth.

Your own voice, repeating, over and over again, your affirmations of your ideals and goals will implant these into your subconscious tape loop that runs in the background 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24/7). 

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