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The Power of Faith
The Power of Faith
Faith is an essential ingredient for success. Napoleon Hill says, "all thoughts that have been emotionalized (given feeling through desire) and mixed with faith, begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent or counterpart." What he alludes to, but does not fully explain, is that it is our beliefs themselves that either empower us to soar to previously unimaginable heights or chain us to the lower echelons (lowest depth) of achievement.

Not only must you have a burning desire for a specific thought of success, but you must also have The Faith or Belief that success is not only available to you as an abstract, but it is your birthright and all you need to do is claim it as your own and it shall be yours.

You reach out and grab what others would say it's not there (it's not possible). You believe that through hard work, singleness of purpose and persistence you can create or achieve the unthinkable. Faith in yourself, faith in your goal, faith in your dream is all you need to go from strength to strength.

Your faith in your ideal and your faith in your right to the havingness of this ideal is crucial to your being able to end up having it. Most people have their faith or belief formed by the evidence of what has already happened or been made manifest. As a result, they find it difficult to believe in things that are not historically proven.

If what has been historically proven for the masses and for you personally (thus far) is mediocrity, then without the belief in the potentiality of success as being 'as real as' the actuality of mediocrity, you will not be able to achieve the imagined ideal of success.

All it takes is faith in yourself, faith in your idea to open new ground. Someone had an unmovable faith in his/ her ideas to establish what we now have as historically proven facts. You are no different, have faith in yourself.

Napoleon Hill also goes on to say that autosuggestion or repeated affirmations can enable faith and belief. He does not address the issue of core beliefs that can, despite all affirmations to the contrary, imprison a person in lack and limitation. Hill, himself, was fortunate that his association with Carnegie, and the other self-made successful people that Carnegie introduced him to, enabled him, over time, to discard any core beliefs he may have had about wealth or poverty and success or failure and to take on new core beliefs.

He was, in effect, brainwashed by his own research into the principles of success so that his core beliefs became those he wrote about. You may have to do the same… brainwash yourself… cleanse your mind of any limiting core beliefs you may hold so that new empowering beliefs can be installed.

All the tools you need are there waiting for you to discover and apply so that you may achieve the success you desire. "Faith is," indeed, to quote Christianity's greatest salesman, Apostle Paul, "the evidence of things not (yet) seen." Doubt can turn a molehill into a mountain. Faith can move mountains.

Know this… there are two separate energetic vibrational outputs of human consciousness that lead to creation, or conscious manifestation, when they are braided together. The first is concrete, specific, repetitive, idealized thought combined with desire (the emotionalized thought that Hill refers to).

The second is firm, profound belief in the actuality of an ideal combined with intentionality of behavior. Have faith. It shall come to pass. You must have both electromagnetic braids of consciousness happening at the same time:
thought plus desire, faith plus intent.

This whole process of manifestation will be explained in subsequent editions.

Please do well to share this resource with friends and love ones and all those you would want to bless.

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