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The Power of Transmutation
The Power of Transmutation
Do you know, you can turn your disappointment, rejection, betrayal, sorrow, mistake, etc into a gift? You can transmute the negativity and setbacks into a potent life force that will shoot you to the pinnacle of Success.

Yes, the pains are inevitable. When confronted with pain, delve into the emotion. Feel it, Process it, Write it out, Cry it out, Set yourself free, By following this process you can descend into the root of the pain, bypass the triggers, and change the vibration of your being. Once the energy is felt and released, you are no longer susceptible to it. This is what transmutation entails.

Pain and discomfort are real experiences, that can create doubt and mistrust when we don't necessarily get what we think we might want. Doubt and mistrust are the very antithesis of Transmutation. 

If you believe that reality is going to work in a particular way, then the strong likelihood is you'll create that (at least for some period of time). Likewise with unconsciousness, if you're unconsciously conditioned through karma to create reality in a particular way, then so you shall.

Someone once said, Transmutation is the jumping off point into enlightenment. Transmutation could also mean ABSORBING something, say negative, contrary or bad (maybe emotions), from one extreme and changing the negative energy into a positive energy on the other extreme. This could possibly be accomplished by tapping into your Chakras and your Third Eye, the 6th sense.

Everyone possesses some form of power, this power is embedded in the energy around us. It is said that, Energy cannot be destroyed or erased but it can be changed or transformed. Transmuting negative into positive, darkness into light. Truth, this allows you to make the choices you feel negatively about become positive, while also changing your emotional experience.

A good insight of Kundalini, the Chakras will enable you to understand the true vibratory nature of creation. Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich talked about a prime metaphysical understanding about creative energy and how to utilize it.

Hill creates an insight on transmuting man's sexuality and sensuality into wealth. However, he predicted in his book that a better understanding on this subject will surface when the reader had passed the fortieth birthday. This sounds strange, but it's true. Deep insight, understanding comes with age. However, this should not deter youngsters from studying this...

We have, culturally, so many moralistic assumptions and beliefs about sexual energy that we prevent ourselves from fully understanding what it is and what it is capable of. The whole subject is so complex that several books could be (and have been) written about the subject without fully explaining it. Many women today may understandably be put off by Hill's seemingly sexist attitude.

However, it is a huge mistake to miss the vital importance of Hill's message in his book by dismissing his supposed prejudice through some prejudice of one's own. First, it should be understood that he was immersed in the culture of his times. Second, it should not be missed that women have a greater innate capacity to consciously use sexual energy and attractiveness to get what they want in life and that many men need to be educated about their own power.

It is a well known fact that, man's innate sensual desire is inarguable one is man's strong energy. When this desire arouse, mankind could go any length to satisfy this desire. Imagine, what if man can transmute this sensual energy by directing it to work...? Can you fathom the outcome? This, by this I mean transmuting this burning sexuality into creative energy is all we need to learn.

Sexual energy is also closely related to charisma and charisma attracts not only people, but wealth and power. The drive for success is 'coincidently' often also strongest in those who also have a high sexual drive. The truly empowered person is one who has learned, as Hill says, to transmute much of that sexual energy into creative energy and not squander it in vain physical pursuits. 

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