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The Right Business Attitude
Mastering Business Through Chess
A lot of businesses have closed up because of the wrong attitude, the wrong staff, etc. We could save our businesses from collapsing if we develop the right business attitude. The right business attitude will help expand your business. Below are some business attitude We Could Try to inculcate,

1. Be professional, follow procedures, don’t be lazy.

2. Improve communication skills (Keep people informed).

3. Avoid procrastinating (Maintain control and be effective, Plan and carry out tasks).

4. Improve delegating skills (Give authority and responsibility to others).

5. Maintain orderly forms, applications, desks and files.

6. Have a sense of humor: but not too much.

7. Emphasize long-range relationships.

8. Have wide ranges of conversation topics: don’t be narrow-minded.

9. Be able to absorb criticism objectively and constructively.

10. Be on time for all appointments; give honest reasons for being late.

11. Always express appreciation for the time of the people you deal with.

12. Improve reasoning abilities.

13. Increase self-reliance, enthusiasm, initiative, self-control, charm, thinking, and concentration of effort.

14. Master persistence, will power, ambition, and memory.

15. Always act with a definiteness of purpose.

16. Think positive on your jobs. This determines how your subordinates think toward their jobs. Set the example.

17. Always keep people interesting.

Confidence Building
Be confident when dealing with people. Try as much as you can to be good at what you do so you can present yourself confidently. Ensure to humble yourself to learn  whatever you are not good at. Here are some tips to building your confidence.

1. Confidence is acquired.

2. Preparation develops it.

3. Action cures fear. Fear is indecision and postponement.

Personality Dynamics
The right business attitude and a positive personal dynamics will translate your entire being into a potent magnet that will attract people to you and your business. This will create a latent and stable magnetic flux around your person and will leave a lasting impression in the minds of people you deal with. They will always come back.

1. The hand-shake

2. Tone of voice

3. Posture and carriage of the body

4. Vibrations of thought (idea conveyance)

5. Body adornment

6. Maintain eye contact

7. Dress smart

We are a Product of Our Thinking
We are What We Think We are
As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he, We are What We Think We are. This is true not only in Christianity but also in your business. Control your thoughts, be positive, maintain the right attitude, your business will succeed. Below are some pointers,

1. Others see in us what we think of ourselves.

2. How you think determines how you act and how others react to you.

3. Look important: it helps you think importantly.

4. Dress right. It always pays.

5. The sharper you look, the sharper you will be (A pencil, when sharpened, has a clearly defined point and writing is easily read, but a dull pencil is just that dull).

6. Pay twice as much and get half as many. For example, two fine suits are much nicer, last longer, and look better than four cheap ones.

7. If you think of yourself in poor situations, that is what you will get.

8. Think of yourself as sharp, clean, together, intelligent, informed, and interesting, and that is what you will be.

9. In short: Practice uplifting self-praise, not belittling self-punishment. Think more of yourself, and there is more of you.

10. Be self-improving in academics, family, and friends. Make progress in changing bad habits, eliminating negativism, and wasting time. What you spend the most time on is what and who you are going to be.

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