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Words to Remember and Words You Should Never Use

Words You Never Use
Words are like seeds, when planted it's difficult to uproot. There are some words when spoken, you will never be able to take them back. They are bad for you, your business, your family and friends. There are words, when used you draw the red line saying I am done. I can't go beyond this point. You unconsciously place a limitation on yourself. Therefore, Remember never to say the following words,

1. I cant,
2. Impossible,
3. I'll try 
4. I have to
5. Worried
6. I , me, my
7. Stressed
8. Should have
9. If only
10. Yes but
11. Could have
12. Someday
13. Difficult
14. Problem
15. Hate

Always remember to use the words listed below, they build your spirit. These words opens your life to endless possibilities and opportunities. These words possesses some potent magnetic force that attracts supportive people and resources to you. These words practically build such energy in you that will enable people of like minds to FIND you and everything will just come into alignment.

1. I can
2. Possible 
3. I will 
4. You, your
5. I want to 
6. Interested
7. Motivated 
8. Will do 
9. My goal
10. Next time 
11. I understand 
12. Today 
13. Challenging
14. Opportunity 
15. Love

There are basically two types of emotions in each of us. They are positive and negative emotions. We should learn to embrace the positive emotions and avoid the negative once.  Always, as much as it depends on you, endeavour to deposit only positive thoughts in your memory, and Withdraw only positive thoughts from your memory.

Positive Emotions
1. Desire
2. Faith
3. Love
4. Enthusiasm
5. Hope

Negative emotions 
1. Fear,
2. Jealousy,
3. Hatred,
4. Revenge,
5. Greed,
6. Anger

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