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Connecting with your Connections
Connecting with your Connections
Connection is the feeling of understanding and/ or ease of communication between two or more individuals. That point at which two or more thing/ or people are connected. A connection can be created by something as simple as smiling at someone as they walk towards you in the street. Or listening to your child recount the events of lunchtime at their school. Or just be there for someone in peril and be ready to listen when he/ she is ready to talk.

Giving people either your time, attention, or both seem to have the ability to spread positive energy around like butter on a slice of bread. Of course, none of this just happens and during a survey, numerous participants reported two big barriers to connection.

Firstly :  some found connection difficult because life’s circumstances including employment (or lack of it), life stage and family makeup, meant they spent a lot of time in isolation.

Secondly :  some found the barrier to social connection for them was busyness. Life was so full of activity that little meaningful connection was able to occur.

It was fascinating to watch these two themes emerge from a cross section of our readers. Despite being quite different problems most of them came to the same conclusion — they needed to be more intentional about creating time and space for connection.

It’s so easy to go through life in proximity to others without actually forging deeper connections with them. The great thing is that making intentional connections may not need to be a huge big change in your life. For example, Joseph said, "my family and I have decided to make a simple change to our dinner time routine. We’ve always eaten together as a family but the time we spend there can sometimes be a little chaotic (life with three young boys is full of such times)".

"So we decided to try something new as we eat and instigated a ritual at dinner where each person answers these three questions" he said,

  • What’s the best thing that happened to me today?
  • Who am I grateful for?
  • What am I looking forward to tomorrow?
"This simple structure has led to some interesting conversations already, the kids are really into it, and it’s been incredibly energising for the whole family," said Joseph. (Another unexpected benefit is dinner time is now a little calmer too).
The Power of Connection
Some connection-driven Sparks as reported by some of our readers included:

‘I didn’t really see anyone besides my hubby today, I was all alone at work. But I think I gave him some energy by listening to him.’

‘Asked an acquaintance to stay for dinner, he’s going through a rough time and I think he appreciated the gesture.’

‘Started up a conversation with someone at the bus stop today and discovered we support the same football team. We had a good chat about our team’s current woes.’

Let us know yours...!

Another important aspect of the connection equation was connecting with ourselves as individuals. It's high time we connect with ourselves and with those around us. Many people mentioned meditation and daily exercise as great opportunities for connecting and sitting quietly with themselves.

A deeper connection with others, yourself or the divine doesn’t tend to just happen. Are you intentional about creating space in your week to create meaningful connections?

Please let us know, you might just be helping someone who's having a hard time getting by or connecting ... 

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