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The Importance of Creativity
The Importance of Creativity
Creativity is the ability or quality of being innovative, a unique originality to invent or create things or ideas. There are many who agreed that, the more traditional forms of creativity are energy giving: painting, music, drawing, writing, knitting, etc.

But creativity manifested in surprising ways too brings some form of rebirth or reassurance.

Things like:
1. Tweaking a recipe to accommodate a food allergy,
2. Solving a tricky problem,
3. Coming up with a dress-up day costume on short notice.

As a child, I tried my hand at drawing, music and even knitting (thanks to Nana!) but it was never really my thing so I moved on. In my mind, I just wasn’t all that creative.

That all changed in my mid-teens when I discovered a love for public speaking. While the thought of preparing and actually delivering a short talk at our local church congregation terrified my friends, I was absolutely energised by it. Always looking forward to it.

I particularly loved the crafting and shaping of the talk and honing my stories. In more recent years this has been augmented by the careful preparation of slide decks. All of these things involve a process that is inherently ‘creative’.

So, it was thrilling to find out that yes, I was creative. I just hadn’t found a place to express it yet. From that point, I decided to pursue other creative endeavours, falling in love with photography and discovering I could write too! Speaking to people, delivering lectures was the one time I know I actually felt alive, knew I belong somewhere, it's satisfying to energising.
The Creativity Mindset
Looking back on my journey with the benefit of hindsight, I can see the times I felt most alive were often highly creative periods. Conversely, a lack of creativity in my life often coincides with periods of becoming stagnant and down times.

The last few weeks have highlighted this lesson afresh for me as I recently had an opportunity to preach at my local church (something I’d not done for over two years). The resulting sparks that flew for me (and hopefully others) were incredibly fulfilling.

‘I got a ton of time to work on my own writing projects this weekend, Super energising!!!’ ‘Feeling GREAT about getting through my to-do list at work this week, considering there were so many technical issues and things beyond my expertise. I was able to find help or figure things out, even though it was a bit overwhelming at times.’

‘Brainstorming with a co-worker on a project.’
Exercising creativity can be pursued in many ways but it can also easily slip out of our lives if we don’t create space for it. How intentional are you in making space for creativity?

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