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The Thing about Curiosity
The Thing About Curiosity
The Curiosity of an individual is driven by the questions of who, what, when, where, why and how? Whenever someone followed one of those threads and discovered something they didn’t know before, even if it was small, there seemed to be a lot of joy and satisfaction in that.

Things like:
1. Reading an article about a topic they wanted to know more about,
2. Trying something new,
3. Watching a documentary or experimenting with a recipe.

Looking back at my own journey I can see that paying attention to and acting upon the things I’m curious about is almost always the first step in getting myself out of a rut or starting a new phase of life.

If you'd read my first article, you would have seen this in action when I recounted the experience of receiving an email from a friend telling me to ‘check out this blog’. I didn’t know what a blog was at that time so was curious and clicked on the link.

When I arrived on the blog I saw something I didn’t really understand but was intrigued to learn more. Then I wondered what would happen if I started my own blog.

Curiosity set in, it fuelled my journey into starting a blog as a hobby but curiosity also fanned the tiny sparks that saw blogging become the business it is for me today.

The key with curiosity is to not be satisfied to simply wonder and to ask ‘What if…’ questions. You need to take little steps of action too.

Remember, I clicked the link, I learned more, I started my own blog. What I saw in our challenge group was people doing likewise. Some curiosity-driven Sparks from the challenge included:

• ‘Worked on landscape design for future work at our house.’
• ‘Completed a research project.’
• ‘Took a day trip to several state parks to scout camping spots for our next camping trip.’

Following your curiosities can lead to all kinds of sparks. It can lead you to discovering your essence, your strength or you will.  Is there currently space in your life for both being curious, and also for following those threads of curiosity by taking small actions?

Start Today...!

Ask the right questions, for they shall provide you with the right answers.

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