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13 Success Secrets of Napoleon Hill

Secrets of Success
Secrets of Success
What is it that makes people successful and I mean really successful compared to you or me? Are they smarter or do they work harder? Are they risk takers or have powerful and influential friends? 

What exactly are you thinking? Why do you think that way? To what purpose? What are you desiring? What do you have faith in? Yourself and your right to wealth? To what intent do you think what you think, say what you say, or do what you do? Is it for success? Success is something that nearly everyone is after. While our definitions of success might differ, the desire to succeed at one thing or another remains constant.

Still, even though we might all want to succeed at something, we don’t always do what it takes to follow through. Sometimes, we just get fed up, and we end up throwing in that proverbial towel. We give up when the going gets tough. But not everyone does. So what separates them from the rest of the world’s population?

Here is Napoleon Hill's secret of success explained…! Clear consistent THOUGHT entwined with fervent desire, combined with profound belief entwined with purposeful intent, creates the results you consciously choose to have in your life. Create an ideal, form a plan, affirm its reality and persist until it is made manifest. Know that you are given the power to create what you desire. Then, just do it.

"What you think about, you bring about." — Anonymous.

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind." — William James.

"The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking." — Albert Einstein.

"We are what we think. With our thoughts, we make our world." — The Buddha.

“The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.” - Old Chinese Proverb.

"Do you want wealth? Get the wealth consciousness." — Charles Haanel.

"Successful men and women become successful because they acquire the habit of thinking in terms of success." — Napoleon Hill.

 "Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." — Napoleon Hill.

"Think and Grow Rich." — Napoleon Hill.

Hill's closing warning (and I shall make it mine, as well)…! fear is the greatest destroyer. Banish fear from your life. It does not serve you in any way. Go forward in faith;

Faith that you have destiny to fulfill.

Fear not. There is, after all, nothing to fear except fear itself. And it is a mere phantom, a ghost that disappears in the light of awareness. Apply These 13 Secrets of Success as elaborated below, Napoleon Hill The author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ believed it could change everything.

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