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Finding Yourself Through Contribution

The Beauty of Giving
Finding Your Spark Through Contribution
At many times, people remarked that doing something for someone else gave both them, (the giver and the receiver), a spark of energy. This isn’t surprising because, from a survival point of view, humans aren’t just wired for competition, we’re wired for contribution too. We derive great joy from being in a position to help each other.

And while it’s easy to think that helping each other requires grand gestures, it really doesn’t. It’s often the smallest gestures like washing the dishes for your parents, or dropping a friend’s child to basketball training, or helping your partner put away the groceries that make the biggest impact.

Some of the contribution-driven Sparks as reported by a cross section of our readers included:
"I’m that person at work who ‘knows stuff about computers’ so always get called on to help when someone is having an IT issue. Today I helped two co-workers with problems they were having with their computers."

‘I dropped a meal off for a friend who is currently undergoing chemo.’

‘Filled in as the basketball coach for my daughter’s team today as the regular coach is away.’

For me, moments of contribution during the challenge looked like …
Volunteering to take photos at an event at our kid's school,
Preaching at my church
Sponsoring a friend who was raising money for a not for profit.

What I find interesting is that in all of these examples there was an overlap between one (or more) of the other Contribution-driven sparks mentioned above.

Volunteering my photography was not only a contribution to the school but it was an opportunity to be creative and build connections with staff, students and parents at the school.

Preaching at church was not only a contribution to my faith community but was again a creative activity and led to some interesting conversations and deepening of relationships with those who heard me.

Lastly sponsoring my friend not only helped the organisation he was raising money for but also was a statement that I valued our friendship — deepening our connection.

It is important for all of us to know that, there are many little Sparks of energy and joy happening in our lives and day to day affairs. It seems that if you feel like you’re in a life rut, and that life is devoid of joyful moments or contentment, finding opportunities for:

might be just what you need to break free of that rut. But... but it seems we do need to be very intentional about noticing these moments and/or seeking them out.

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