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The Magical Powers of The Brain
The Magical Power of The Brain
The human brain is a mass of biological materials enclosed within a highly protective cranium that permits electrochemical activities within or through it. The brain most times is likened to the mind, however the attributes of the mind are quite a bit more complex.

The human mind is the most complex information processing system we know, while the brain is the most complex organ and information relay or processing center we know. Both the brain and the mind are most times inseparable. It has all sorts of useful design features but also many glitches and weaknesses. The problem is, it doesn't come with a user's manual. You just have to plug and play.

However, it's imperative to state here that, simply because mind is evident in brain does not mean that one is the other anymore than a glass should be confused with the water it contains. 

Take care to feed and stimulate your brain and you will expand your mind. The two are inextricably connected. We need to see the human brain and mind with wonder, awe and inspiration.

There are some basic influences on the brain that shape how it functions and how far it develops, including genes, self-talk, life experiences, stress and study. Although these things influence the brain, they do not determine how far you can go or what you can learn. In other words, you have the incredible opportunity to go as far as you desire.

The brain and/ mind is the center for knowledge, feed it with the right information and you will see it transform. Knowledge comes from experiences, books, people and other “knowledge dispensers.” We must tap into that knowledge to see the brain function at its best. When your brain is working at peak performance, it allows you to be your best because it controls the rest.

We are still discovering so much about what our brains are capable of, and what we do know so far about it is incredibly exciting. We all have the ability to change and improve our brains throughout our life and a huge capacity for intuition, agile thinking, overcoming our unconscious biases, turning survival emotions into attachment emotions, and thus realising our potential to live our best lives.

The brain is the equivalent of a human supercomputer. It is more complicated than any computer mankind has ever made and will ever make, and maximizing its ability is essential to becoming the success you want to be. This is because it controls who you are. It is the command center involved in and controlling absolutely everything you do, determining how you think, feel and act.

How big then do you think the brain is? Well, if you can imagine it, your brain consists of over 100 billion cells, each one of which connects to 1000 other brain cells making about  100,000 billion connections. There are more cell connection points in the human brain than there are stars in our galaxy.

As Norman Cousins put it, “Not even the universe with all its countless billions of galaxies represents greater wonder or complexity than the human brain.” It functions round the clock. You may have taken a break, but your brain hasn’t. The unconscious carries on mulling things over long after you quit. The human brain have this natural uncanny knack for working stuff out, with no need for conscious involvement.

Napoleon Hill in his book think and grow rich, states that, there is an increased frequency of the brain when creativity is engaged. Although there are lots of facts backing this statement- that brainwave activity spikes momentarily during periods of intense creativity. It is now pretty well understood that creativity, insight, intuition and the so-called super-learning state come about when brainwave activity is reduced (not increased) from the normal Beta frequencies of 15 to 75 cycles per second (cps) to the Alpha state frequencies of between 7 to 14 cps. It is through the deliberate slowing down of the activities of the conscious mind that the subconscious attributes of mind can be accessed.

Deeper meditative states like Theta, which exhibits brainwave activity of between 4 to 6 cps provide access to even deeper subconscious attributes of mind and to the collective subconsciousness of humanity. Deeper still is the Delta state of ½ to 4 cps, wherein the infinite universal intelligence can be both perceived and accessed. So there are those who argued that, It is in reducing and consciously controlling the specific activities of mind i.e. thought, that produces inspiration, insight and wealth.

It is now understood that the average human has about 60,000 thoughts per day; 99% of these are non-productive, non-contributory random subconscious noise. The few who learn how to examine and exert control over the thoughts that they allow to pass through their minds are the ones who attain, achieve and accomplish so much more than their fellows.

Summary of our brain’s key points
1. The human brain is so powerful that few of us come anywhere near to using it as well as we could.

2. Every person has the ability to think intelligently and creatively.

3. The brain is the source of key mental faculties such as memory, imagination, creativity and innovation.

4. The brain is the key tool for mastering the modern information age.

5. Everyone in a modern organisation is a knowledge worker to some extent.

6. According to research, half the skills needed by successful workers involve the use of thinking skills.

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