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The Wonders of The Sixth Sense
Learning to develop Your Sixth Sense
The sixth sense which is also known as extrasensory perception ( ESP) is the ability to perceive something that isn’t apparently there. The sixth sense excels beyond the ‘basic’ sensory. The functioning of the sixth sense can be as benign but accurately sensing that something, whether it be terribly bad or incredibly good, is about to happen.

Example, So a dog always sense when its owner is coming home, or Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling something is ‘strange’. This and many more "gut" feelings or intuition as its popularly called are ways of expressing the sixth sense.

As recorded in the book Think and Grow Rich; Long before people began 'channeling' discarnate entities for their wisdom, Napoleon Hill was having full cabinet meetings in his imagination with men, many long dead, that he considered to be the 'wise ones'. This is because, with the Sixth Sense, you can feel and see energy, sense thoughts, anticipate emerging situations, and many, many other things! These if we take advantage of, we will be unstoppable, we will in no doubt be powerful without limitation.

At one point he stopped, fearful that his imaginary meetings were becoming more real than everyday reality. His imaginary MasterMind mentors came to him to demand he continue his work or perish for refusing to fulfill his destiny. And so he did. And what a great work it has proven to be. Much of the wealth of the last half of the twentieth century came about because of the actions taken by men and women who were directly inspired by Napoleon Hill and his book Think and Grow Rich to create, not only their own great personal wealth, but an increase in wealth and well-being for all humanity.

What Hill calls the sixth sense is your direct and intimate connection to the infinite, ineffable universal mind, source of all that is and all that can be. You are the channel whereby the infinite makes manifest the finite. You are wealthy beyond measure. All you need to do is to claim your birthright.

Think clearly, purposefully, creatively. Attach to those idealized thoughts a passionate desire to have them made manifest. Have faith that it shall be so. Attach to your belief the firm intent that your beingness and actions will cause the ideals to be made real. And so it shall be.

I think you'll agree that developing at least a basic understanding of the power of the sixth sense is some REALLY IMPORTANT stuff!! In fact understanding and mastering the functioning of the sixth sense can enable and empower you to begin "consciously creating" and experiencing the life of your dreams.

Think and Grow Rich is a gem; and if you have read Think and Grow Rich, read it again NOW. If you have read it again, memorize it. If you have memorized it, put it into practice. You will indeed be able to think, and grow rich…in so many ways. 

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